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     Alexis M. Valos, Ph.D.

Psychiatric Wellness Center
(in the Crown Pointe Business Center on the southwest corner of Brimhall and Coffee)

8329 Brimhall Road
Building 800, Suite #804
Bakersfield, CA  93312
661.431.1555 (main line)
661.865.6026 (testing line)

To make an appointment for a psychological or neuropsychological assessment, 
please contact my assistant at the Psychiatric Wellness Center

(phone line dedicated for psychological testing appointments)

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What is the purpose of testing my child?  
How can an evaluation help? 

The purpose of an evaluation (sometimes called an “assessment” or “testing”) is to provide possible explanations surrounding a potential cause of your child’s observed struggles, as well as his or her strengths.  An evaluation can also reveal a profile of how your child learns, thinks, processes information, and responds to his or her environment.  

A lot of beneficial information can come from the results of standardized tests; however, a comprehensive evaluation should always include information about the whole child.  
A comprehensive evaluation would account for the child's performance on standardized tests, but also strongly takes into consideration details of the child's developmental history and family system, clinical observations of the child, and interviews with the child and parents.  In other words, diagnostic conclusions are never derived from test scores alone.  

In some cases, an evaluation culminates in an official 
DSM-5 diagnosis or diagnoses that might help your child become eligible for specific services or treatment. However, a diagnosis is not necessary in order to begin helping your child.  A good evaluation helps the parents, teachers, and other professionals understand your child better.  Relevant recommendations within the evaluation report create a blueprint that will assist all parties involved, work together as a team, towards the best interest of your child.  In this way future planning can be designed, including but not limited to interventions, accommodations, remediations, and school and/or treatment recommendations or decisions. 
What is the general testing procedure?

At the first appointment, the parents and child participate in an initial consultation with Dr. Valos.  During this meeting the parents will provide a developmental history of the child and detail current presenting problems.  When age appropriate, Dr. Valos will also interview the child to gain a better understanding of the presenting problem from their perspective.  Once it is determined that testing would be beneficial for the child, a second appointment will be scheduled.

At the second appointment, Dr. Valos will meet with your child and complete the neuropsychological/psychological testing as planned.  Generally, parents do not participate in the testing session(s).  Testing evaluations may cover some or all of the following: 

  • Cognitive skills (aka “IQ” or Intelligence)
  • Academic achievement skills: reading, writing, and math
  • Visual and auditory processing skills
  • Visual and Verbal Memory and Learning skills: immediate memory, working memory, and long term memory
  • Visual and auditory (focused & sustained) attention skills
  • Executive Function skills: judgment, planning, problem solving
  • Social/Emotional skills, personality functions, behavioral issues, mood regulation, and adaptive functioning skills

Upon the completion of testing, Dr. Valos will meet with the parents to discuss the results of testing.  Within a reasonable time frame thereafter, parents will receive a written report that clearly explains the results of testing and the relevant diagnosis diagnoses, as well as pertinent recommendations based on results of the comprehensive assessment.